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Welcome to Professional Player Piano & Nickelodeon Restoration Services.  I am the sole owner and craftsman, Stephen Kent Goodman,  dedicated to providing you with the highest quality rebuilding or restoration of your mechanical musical heirloom available,  and in the price range you wish to invest in.

Whether you have a single piece or a museum full of instruments,  you have the benefit of my 40-year plus experience of a musically-trained,  highly-skilled craftsman with a deep personal interest in every automatic musical instrument I choose to accept for restoration.  I pioneered the use of electronically-controlled acoustical instruments in the 1970s with museum and art gallery shows on both coasts (see Soundsculpture  section to this site),  plus I am one of a handful of professional restorers who compose/arrange music for the instruments themselves,  having a keen understanding of all aspects of these instruments.  I can also write you an appraisal for either your single,  special piece or your entire collection.


Refinishing and action rebuilding may be done under my supervision,  making my shop a true “one stop” restoration process for you,  taking the worry and complications out of the process!


Whether you have a foot-operated player piano, an electrically-driven reproducing piano,  band organ,  coin-piano (called inaccurately by today’s collectors a “nickelodeon”),  or a large orchestrion (automatic orchestra),  contact me today and let’s talk.  I’m always interested in discussing the instruments and making new friends!


To follow are some photos of instruments from either my collection or in the collections of friends;  perhaps you will see something that looks familiar to you or intrigues you.  These instruments were made in the era before the development of the audio speaker;  before radio and talking pictures and decades before commercial TV.  The industry flourished and then almost disappeared overnight,  but left behind a few souvenirs that managed to survive against all odds.  Perhaps you are fortunate enough to own one- a remarkable example that brings together the art, architecture, cabinet making and music of another era.  Let’s work together to bring it back to life,  so it may fascinate and entertain yet another generation!


Looking Forward to Serving You,

Stephen Kent Goodman, Owner

NEWS: I was awarded a contract by the U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Service to restore the Wurlitzer IX-B once owned by the late Eugene O'Neill, America's Nobel prize winning playwrite. O'Neill's "Tao House", has become part of the National Park Service and the restoration of his piano is part of an ongoing restoration and maintenance of this historic landmark.

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