Are you considering the purchase of an automatic musical instrument?  Know what you are buying!

Authenticity, condition, originality and other factors determine true value. We offer a consultation service to make you the informed buyer.   Of course you will find those who will be glad to give you their advice or consultation for free - but let's face it, you get what you pay for. You can get free advice anywhere and from anyone and in many cases those giving so-called free help are just looking to sell you something in the end.

Some dealers suggest that a purchaser may easily restore it  themselves just to sell the instrument. We have had too many such instruments that have been partially rebuilt by those who  believed this and found themselves in a mess; necessitating it be re-restored properly, unfortunately, this was at a greater expense to the owner.

We are the professionals, we can advise you on your prospective purchase and honesty and fairly tell you what is involved with restoring it, helping you to evaluate what has already been done, as well as provide you with complete consultation on the purchase.   

I personally want to make sure that you get your questions answered and you know what questions to ask a seller. The more information and knowledge you have the better buyer and collector you will make.  I want you to enjoy these instruments as much as I do. Let me help you. 

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Mechanical Music Items for sale:

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