The videos represent highlights of some of the instruments restored by me. Of particular interest is the Seeburg upright Pipe Organ Orchestra - an instrument that originally had a remote roll player system, which was missing when I purchased it, replaced by a midi player system. This concession to originality thus allowed me to arrange and compose any music I chose for it. It is basically a four pipe rank full-orchestra orchestrion in a slightly larger case than a Seeburg style "H", with far more musical versatility. It was evidently originally a custom-ordered instrument, having a very late serial number (placing it at a 1928 manufacture).

Also shown in the videos: Seeburg style E with xylophone, Ampico player piano and a Dutch street Organ. The Here and Now Show will give you an enjoyable tour of my Sound Sculpture Ensemble. You can read more about it under the SoundSculpture Tab above.

Click on the links below and you will be taken to the videos and music.

Hope you enjoy them!

Welte Mignon Licensee Player Piano

See and enjoying it playing 3 different rolls: "The Man I Love". "National Emblem March" and "Some Time". 

Standard Coin Piano  Restoration pictures of before and after and enjoying it playing.

Seeburg K with Flute Pipes  One of the earliest known Seeburg K with flute pipes in existence, with art glass depicting lady playing lyre with 2 dancers. 

Wurlitzer IX-B "Rosie"  owned by America's only Nobel Prize winning playwright, Eugene O'Neill who chose to live in Northern California at the height of his writing career at the Tao House.  Now a National Historic Site in the National Park Service.

Wurlitzer IX-B "Rosie" playing the tune: Peggy O'Neill. You can see and hear "Rosie" in person by visiting the Tao House. "Rosie" plays APP rolls and is a roll changer, holding 6 rolls at a time.  See the letter from the United States Department of the Interior on her restoration under the In The Shop tab.

Seeburg Style E.

Herman Avery Wade Medley arranged by Stephen Kent Goodman for the Seeburg upright Pipe Organ Orchestra.

Short Tour of instruments, including a Dutch Street Organ and Seeburg upright Pipe Organ Orchestra.

Haines Ampico Player Piano.

Oh! Those Days, played on the Seeburg upright Pipe Organ Orchestra. Just a small sample. Audio File.

Here and Now Show of Stephen Kent Goodman's Sound Sculpture.

Ancestors of Sound Sculpture.  Featuring a Hupfeld Phonoliszt Violina and Seeburg KT Special.