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Player Pianos - Nickelodeons - Orchestrions - Band Organs, Parlor or Pump Organs, Reed Organs. 

Restorations include coin pianos, orchestrions and band organs manufactured by Berry-Wood, Blessing, Chicago Electric, Englehart, Hupfeld, Imhof & Muckle, Link, Marquette, Nelson-Wiggen, North Tonawanda, Roos, Operator's Piano Co., Peerless, Seeburg, Welte and WurliTzer. All manufacturers' reproducing and player pianos.

  • Highest Quality restoration of all European and American Instruments since 1969.

  • Providing restoration to clients nationally and worldwide. 

  • Complete music composing and arranging services available.

  • Flexible, affordable payment terms to fit your budget.  

Unsolicited comments from clients left on and other sites:

My Dad and I are more than pleased with the outstanding job you did on his Seeburg L Nickelodeon. To say you brought it back from the dead would be an understatement. I know you put a lot of extra time and effort into the overhaul. It turned out great and we will spend many years enjoying the wonderful music.
Thank you so much.

Bruce Cochran

I have been immersed in a ground-up restoration of my Operators Piano Company ~ Coinola Style 'O' Orchestrion.

Stephen Goodman was recommended to me by a well-known Bay Area player piano company - Leonard's Player Pianos. Dick Leonard, originally from Minnesota had restored and sold pneumatic players pianos for fifty years suggested I give Steve a call.

Stephen Goodman's services are the gold-standard. Stephen currently has expertly restored and rebuilt every aspect of my original COINOLA pneumatic mechanical musical Orchestrion.

Steve started with rebuilding the orchestrion's piano playing pneumatic player "stack" . . . . . rebuilding it to exacting factory specifications using only the highest quality authentic materials and Steve's old-time expert craftsmanship.

Steve has the extreme and thorough knowledge and understanding required to restore original function and re-manufacturing to Wurlitzer, Seeburg and similar mechanical musical players of the day. I can't speak highly enough of his honesty and integrity and the high quality of his work.

John Pommon
San Francisco

Service Category: Ground up restoration of mechanical musical pneumatic orchestrions nickelodeons and player pianos
Year first hired: 2007
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

"Stephen you did a great job on my piano. It is an integral part of our family."

Greg Jaeger

 "WOW you do amazing work."

M.E. New Orleans, Louisiana

“Stephen is a meticulous craftsman who loves working on pianos and nickelodeons. Knowledgeable and tenacious, with the goal of customer satisfaction. He did a great job rebuilding my Seeburg K!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

K. Alan Fox

"Hired for a Coin piano restoration and hired more than once."

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Mark Forer

“Stephen Goodman expertly restored the pneumatics on our 1907 English Aeolian Pianola. He also supplied us with a piano seat and a rare collection of Themodist rolls which were designed for this particular player. He trained me on some of the techniques necessary for playing the Pianola. He allowed me to tour his shop where he does his restorations, played some of his restored orchestrions, and shared his professional advice on how to care for our piano. His price for the piano was reasonable, and he was thorough in documenting our purchase. He offered a free warranty (which I have not needed to use), and helped arrange a professional mover to deliver our piano. I do not have a single complaint about my experience, and count Steve as one of the most trustworthy craftsmen I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Five Stars!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

 Scott Lloyd

“Stephen K. Goodman is the most knowledgeable person who is able to restore player pianos. His work is superb. His assistance is outstanding. His quality of work is the highest. He has become a great friend as well. Everyone will find Stephen personable and caring. I am most pleased to recommend his service.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Richard Byfield


"Professional Player Piano & Nickelodeon Restoration Service  - JUST THE BEST "  
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