I am a pioneer of microtonal music, with the development of my sound sculpture. I began experimenting with automated acoustical structures in the early 1970's. I soon discovered that tunings based upon acoustical phenomena yielded invisable sound "pockets" and illusions that were heretofore unknown in music or any form of sound phenomena. In this case, the function follows form; revealing acoustic phenomena that suggests realities and dimensions outsid of the known universe. The tunings are not based upon the traditional 12-tones per octave, but utilize just intonation tunings in organ pipes whose shapes were altered for acoustical phenomena, struck metal, glass and wood, strings, membranes (drums) and other natural sound-producing elements. The ensemble shown here was displayed at galleries and art museums in New York and Los Angeles. Ex.: P.S.1 New York; L.A.I.C.A., Los Angeles; California State Museum of Science & Industry; Riverside Art Center et al. ;as well as been the subject of a documentary film in the area of microtonal and alternative scale music. You can see a video of the sculptures in the Gallery of Instruments tab

 Alternative musical environments may be created for your individual needs and applications:

* Sonic or Music Therapy

* Automating total environments - sound/light/motion, performing in real time.